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KIDS FIRST Interview Ashleigh Cylde

Cyrus Webb Interview 

KIDS FIRST  Movie Review Ashleigh Cylde

The Movie Elite Magazine Interview

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James Rosh Pop Rox Radio Interview


On The Red Carpet at The International Christian Film and Music Festival

International Christian Film Festival Ar

International Christian Film and Music Festival  Event

International Christian Film Festival Ar
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The Lonesome Trail  Cast and Crew Screening Event

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"The Lonesome Trail" featured in Charisma Magazine!

Charisma Magazine July  2014


Fruits of the Spirit Productions LLC

The Lonesome Trail is billed as a Christian Western set in the town of Red Springs, Montana. The story of forgiveness and family carries a unique folksy charm and centers on how this town faces adversity from within.


"The Lonesome Trail" is a western worthy of Hollywood

William Powell Examiner  October 31,2014


"High Noon", "Stage Coach", "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly", "Once Upon A Time In The West". There have been many great westerns put on celluloid over the years. Indeed, westerns are a uniquely American art form.


Local director Arlette Thomas-Fletcher has added her own film to the canon of westerns (listen to my radio interview with Arlette here, with locally shot western "The Lonesome Trail", which was completed this past summer. Thomas-Fletcher stopped by to talk about her film...

"The Lonesome Trail" Gang!
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