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The Lonesome Trail is an inspirational Family Film.



The Lonesome Trail is a period western film  set in 1880's:
"High Noon", "Stage Coach", "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly", "Once Upon A Time In The West". There have been many great westerns put on celluloid over the years. Indeed, westerns are a uniquely American art form.


All of our costumes have been researched  for the specific period in which our story takes place, by our Visual Effects Supervisor and Production Designer, Craig Herron of Herron Designs.


Our script is an original story created and  written by our Director and Executive Producer Arlette Thomas-Fletcher. The story is based on the Biblical story of the prodigal son. Luke 15:11-32 It is a story of family, romance, and the importance of God's love being shown to the people of the old west.

The Lonesome Trail was filmed in Jessup, Maryland in a western town that was built by One-Eyed Horse Productions.  Principal photography was done over 24 days. There were several Visual Effects staff on the production. Craig Herron was the on-set visual effects supervisor. Steven Shulgach was the post-production visual effects supervisor. Alexander Johnson was the post-production visual effects supervisor. All of them helped the film to look authentic as a period production.



"The Lonesome Trail" was set in the 1890s. Mike McCray is the founder of the town of Red Springs. He is a powerful wealthy land-owner whose name is on most of the property in the town. He is considered a mighty force in the territory and the townspeople are afraid to go against him.  Mike was one of the first settlers in the territory and he is furious with the farmers for allowing strangers to move close to his land. Red Springs is a thriving bustling and industrious place. New settlers are coming from all over the west into the available land surrounding Mike's ranch and he does not like it. He grows to despise the settlers and gives them the name of "Outlanders" because they came from lands outside of Red Springs. Mike thinks of the settlers as outcasts who have not worked for the land as he did to build it up. More and more settlers keep moving near to his land and Mike until he loses patience and decides to stop them. 

Production Screen Shots of the Making of "The Lonesome Trail"

Pre-Production Meeting

Pre-Production meeting with cast members and production crew for "The Lonesome Trail" to discuss plans for the film.

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